Work – The Final Fashion Frontier

Work 20160606_a

Travelling for work today, i dressed a lot more conservatively than I ordinarily like to. I wore: navy single-button blazer – ASOS // silk Georgette ‘Melbourne Now’ scarf – MaterialByproduct // white cotton t-shirt – ASOS // navy webbing belt – Sportscraft // Moto 3D embroidered jeans – G-Star raw // blue on white Juvenate runners – Nike //


I try not to talk about it too much here, but my 9-5 job that I go to every day and that pays my bills is working for the Australian Government.  (more…)

Tailored to your needs

Tailored 20160401_a

Wearing: slate blue union cloth blazer – Braddon Tailors | purple and white striped cotton pocket square – M.J. Bale | navy blue cotton button-down Shirt – Euromerican Tailors, Hong Kong | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | navy slim trousers – M.J. Bale | whiskey brown leather loafers with tassel – ASOS |


My first experience with having something tailored did not exactly go to plan. I purchased two blazers from a travelling Tailor, who measured me and advised me on fabric choices, linings, and how the blazers should fit on my frame. I left my appointment $1,500 poorer, but feeling very satisfied that my tailored blazers would arrive perfectly fitted to my form. And I truly thought that they did. I fell in love with the blazers the second that I unwrapped them, and marvelled that they had my names stitched inside the pockets, that there were pocket squares made out of the same fabric as the lining, that there was contrast stitching around the last button hole! I was so impressed that I went on to order four shirts the next time that he was in town!

However, as time moved on, I came to think of my beautifully tailored blazers and shirts as a burden. (more…)

Juxtaposing for Menswear

Juxtaposing 20160202_a

Wearing: Sunglasses – ebay | Union Cloth blazer – Braddon Tailors | cotton pocket square – H-Tokyo | white cotton t-shirt – Cotton On | navy chino shorts – ASOS | navy Roshe Runs – Nike


Something that I have been seeing a lot of lately, especially from some of my favourite menswear Bloggers, is a lot of juxtaposing. For anyone unaware, a Juxtaposition is when you place otherwise disparate things together to contrast in a way that is somehow jarring and harmonious. I’ve been admiring a lot of guys contrasting garment textures lately, or even finding new ways to juxtapose high and low end pieces. I was really inspired by all the new ways that I am seeing my sartorial brothers and sisters getting creative with their wardrobes, and so I wanted to have a bit of fun juxtaposing pieces from my own wardrobe for a different look and feel.

I decided to try smashing together different textures, different styles of dress, and fast fashion pieces with the bespoke. (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 7 – Cover-up


One thing that I am really conscious of when it comes to traveling is observing the rules and customs of my host nation. There are some countries, for example, that I simply wouldn’t go to because of their stance on homosexuality. Mostly however, I am supremely conscious of the fact that just because tattoos have become mainstream in Australia, doesn’t mean other countries feel the same way, and as such, I cover-up. (more…)

Daily Outfit: Extra Padding


Australia is currently in the throes of what can only be described as a love affair with healthy lifestyles, and as such, extra padding is not something that is generally celebrated.

I’m the first to admit that I fall on the huskier side of the ‘average’ body type, and I’m generally pretty conscious of this when I shop for clothes, as I am usually looking for something that is going to be flattering to my figure, and not make me look like I’m several-months away from giving birth. With this in mind, it might seem completely bonkers that I went out of my way to purchase a t-shirt that’s defining feature is that it offers extra padding. (more…)

Daily Outfit: Accidentally ASOS

20141026_aI had an accidental wardrobe faux-pas today and wore head-to-toe ASOS.

I don’t have a problem with ASOS, I mean clearly I buy a lot of stuff from them if I can even compose an outfit that is 90% theirs; but the idea of wearing any one label head to toe is a little on the nose at the best of times. Granted I wasn’t decked out in a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit so it wasn’t quite as label-whore tacky as it could have been. The fact remains, however, that I spent an unnecessary amount of time fretting about the fact that I had unwittingly worn so much of one label. (more…)