My Casual Bow Tie Monday

20141027_aI like to cheat every now and then and to wear a casual bow tie instead of my regular neckties, just to spice my workwear up.

Yes, I say to spice my workwear up, because in the public service environment in which I work, the idea of a casual bow tie worn to the office is pretty outrageous, even tough it really isn’t at all. I like wearing this cheap little black silk number because it really gives an outfit a significantly different look and if I am perfectly honest, I like the way that people around the office seem to be unable to stop themselves from doing a double take. Whether it is because they like the look of a casually worn bow tie, or if they think I look like a bit of a creep I’m not really sure; I am just happy to get a reaction.
20141027_bI thought that I would really dress-down the this daily outfit today, and the casual bow tie was great for pulling that off. I’m wearing:

Brooklyn sunglasses in blue and mirrored silver – Bambooz
Navy pinstriped wool blazer – Rembrandt Sartorial, thrifted
Blue and white multi-check shirt – Trenery
Black silk casual bow tie – Tie Rack
Navy and white cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Sportscraft
Grey straight-legged cotton jeans – Armani Exchange, hand-me-downs
White perforated leather shoes with suede detailing – Raphael Steffens
20141027_cOne of these days I am going to have to give up the casual bow tie and invest in some proper bow ties that I have to tie myself, but for today at least I am happy to go with the lazy route. It isn’t particularly stylish, but I couldn’t face a necktie this morning, so this was a great compromise. I am sure that there are plenty of youtube videos that I could watch to teach myself how to tie one, but I do think that there is a certain charm to the casual bow tie, even if it is a little juvenile.

How about you? Do you think that the casual bow tie is acceptable, or something best left to kids?