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It is a bit rare for menswear to get much of a look in here in Canberra, so when one of the most exciting contemporary voices in menswear happens to be stopping by the Canberra Centre to present a style-centric talk on all things menswear; you’d better believe that I am there!

Luc Wiesman is the founder and managing editor of D’Marge, an online magazine aimed at magnificent bastards all over Australia who are looking for a bit of an edge in their grooming and presentation without having to faff-about too much to get to the nitty-gritty.

Since launching in 2011 D’Marge has quickly grown to one of the largest menswear and lifestyle focused websites in Australia, with over 800,000 visits a month.

I was lucky enough to shoot Luc some questions around menswear and our fair city of Canberra, and his answers offer a fantastic insight into what we can expect from tomorrow evening’s presentation at the Canberra centre.

Canberra is obviously a town heavily influenced by the political sphere, with the sheer number of public servants living here and it being the home of our Nation’s parliament. With that in mind, do you think that there are style icons or inspirations to come from our current Parliamentarians?
Style doesn’t necessarily have to be about fashion I think that a strong character can also be stylish. A friend of mine works as the press secretary of one of the party leaders and is a pretty cool dude too. So there’s definitely a stylish vibe in Canberra, but like anything it needs to be cultivated. Having a space like Canberra Centre, with a lot of top Australian and International brands helps bring fashion to the people… even parliamentarians.

There is long-standing debate about which is the capitol of cool, Sydney or Melbourne. You’ve previously stated that having moved from Melbourne to Sydney, you now side with Sydney as the reigning champion. But what about Canberra, the younger sibling trying to be as cool as it’s more prestigious peers? How have you found Canberra’s style in the time you’ve spent here?
Good question. To be honest I don’t buy into the “who’s cooler” or “more stylish” argument between cities. We’re all the same distance from the US and UK and more often get clothing at the same time. If you have an internet connection then I expect you to have your finger on the pulse as much as the most fashionable international players.

Who are the most exciting Australian Menswear stores/labels at the moment? Where should the average Canberran man be directing his interest?
I think the likes of MJ Bale and SABA are really doing some great things, as is more directional brands like Song For The Mute and Et Al. To be honest I can’t see many beauracrats wearing the later two I mentioned- they would be thrown out of town. Even I can’t wear it but it’s cool. Trust me.

If you could give those of us in the Public Service who strive to break free of the grey-suit-blue-shirt-sad-tie nine to five uniform – one piece of style advice, what would that be?
Try a cotton suit for summer. It’s a more relaxed look but still more than suitable for work. Fabrics are the easiest way to make a blue suit look interesting. Flannels, linens, cotton, mohair…. the list goes on and there’s no stopping those in the Public Service. Maybe that can be a new section on D’Marge. Best dressed Public Servants of 2015…. let’s do it.

What: Styling & Technology for Men Workshop
When:Friday 11 September, 7pm – 8.30pm
Where: Canberra Centre, in between Country Road and Jigsaw on Level 1
How much: $50, includes a complimentary $50 Canberra Centre Gift Card and a style bag to take home. Bookings essential, click here to purchase tickets or visit Customer Service on Level 1

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