Blogging and Wardrobe Blues

Blogging Blues 20160601_a

This outfit is actually from a few weeks back, but I’m posting it today because as far as Blogging goes, I want to share more of this with you. I’m wearing: navy blue stretch-wool blazer – Travel Jacket, thrifted | white cotton v-neck t-shirt – Cotton On | midnight blue kimono-silk scarf – Mizu Brand | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | distressed denim straight-leg jeans – WeThePeople | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


If you’re a regular reader of this Blog then you’ve no doubt noticed that my Blogging content and interaction has been a little light on the ground of late, and I figured that rather than sitting here struggling by myself, I might as well tap out a quick post with you and share some current thoughts.

I’m a little underwhelmed and over-worked at the moment, and the fast-paced working environment that I am in at the moment coupled with the bits and pieces of my life falling back into place after my break-up, travelling and generally learning to be an I rather than a we all-over-again; well, it’s left me a little uninspired and directionless.

I’m not depressed or unhappy or anything like that, I’m just really weary. I’m just tired and feeling sorry for myself, and while I am excruciatingly conscious of the fact that it is affecting my Blogging, I’m lacking in motivation to actually push myself to do anything much more than watch hours of TV and eat myself into a small coma.

The thing is, I’m aware of how childish and stupid I am being, and it is INFURIATING.

So, I just wanted to throw together a quick post to let you know that I’m still here, and I am really pushing myself to get past this episode of ennui and get on with my life so that my Blogging and every other aspect of my life is back up and running.

All I can really ask at this point is that you bare with me, please. I’m really trying and I am so grateful to have any sort of an audience here.

Thank you.

Blogging 20160601_b

Blogging 20160601_c
Blogging Blues 20160601_d
Blogging Blues 20160601_e