Backpacks – A Friday Fixation

Backpacks 20160304_a

Saint Laurent Hunting Rucksack in navy blue canvas and black leather – AU$ 1,015.00


I’ve always said that a backpack is a bag for school kids and lesbians. As far as bags go, backpacks have to be one of my most hated items, and something that frankly do not deserve to be considered under the banner of luxury. They are, however, practical to a fault, and something that I am now considering purchasing as a work bag. I turned 30 not too long ago and I work a 9-5 desk job. Between this and my Blogging I lead the definition of a sedentary life style, and it is starting to really affect me.

I think that the style of bags that I carry are not helping at all either, and so I am planning on moving to backpacks, for no other reason than to save the strain on my spine and lover back.

I’ve discussed my love of the Louis Vuitton backpacks in the past, but what other options are out there? What Backpacks are to convince me that this is an accessory worth investing in, worth carrying around, and at the end of the day worth looking like a massive dweeb for?

Today I am window-shopping 6 backpacks that might just change my frankly dismal view of this piece of luggage? Take a look at the pieces that I have here and let me know what you think in the comments section. Anything tickle your facny? Any you think would look good on me (or not?)? I am really struggling to make a decision about which direction to head in and it is a little embarrassing.


backpacks 20160304_b

Want Les Essentials – KASTRUP navy blue leather Backpack $995.00

Backpacks 20160304_c

Loxley mini Glouster rucksack in glossy navy leather – AU $840.76

Backpacks 20160304_e

Rains MSN Backpack – AU $127

Backpacks 20160304_f

Everlane ‘the Modern Zip Backpack’ large size – AU $68

Backpacks 20160304_g

ASOS Smart backpack in navy faux leather – AU $53