Autumnal Style Edits

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Wearing: cream cable-knit sweater – Oval Dice, Harajuku Tokyo | blue multi-checked business shirt – Reserves | brown leather belt – Sportscraft| heavily distressed Arc 3D tapered jeans – G-Star Raw | tobacco suede Chelsea Boots – The Ball & Chain |


The season is finally upon us, and as the leaves start to discolour and drop from the trees and that biting cold creeps so deliciously into the evening air, it’s time to start thinking about the Autumnal style edits that we’re going to be making to our wardrobes. It’s time to take down those boxes of warmer pieces that you’ve stashed away in the hotter months, to check that things still actually fit, and to start putting together a list of items that you might need to pad out your wardrobe for those colder months ahead. I’m lucky in that I have moved recently, and as a result have had to not only take stock of just what I own, but to downsize my wardrobe. This means that there is now plenty of room for any Autumnal updates that I might be looking to make.

Today I am sharing the three Autumnal wardrobe updates that I am most looking forward to making.

Denim Shirts:
This whole look would have been that much ‘more’ with a denim shirt, and I’m thinking that the denim shirt is going to be a hugely popular autumnal update this year. A heavier fabric than cotton or Chambray, the denim shirt is another classic menswear staple that is perfect for the changing weather — buttoned up under a suit for the office might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but peeking out from under a knit sweater in a contrasting colour it is just right. Just please, let’s be careful not to match the denim shirt to our jeans: a Canadian tuxedo is still vile.

Distressed denim:
I’m likewise really feeling distressed denim for an Autumnal edit. I spent all summer craving light denim in pristine, unblemished condition. However, now that then cold is here I am craving ripped, torn, shredded distressed denim. Patchwork? even better. There’s nothing more Autumnal that an outdoorsy, rugged look, and this calls for denim that’s seen better days. While it’s more difficult to pull off distressed denim without looking cheap or tacky, the pay off when you get it right is that much sweeter. This does mean, however, that you are going to have to part with more money to get it right. Remember jeans are an investment piece, so don’t skimp.

Chelsea boots:
It’s time: sneakers, espadrilles and boat shoes are a thing of the past for at least six months, and it is now open season for boots. Chelsea boots are a clean, classic style that you will be able to find in cacophony of Autumnal neutral shades. I’d suggest steering clear of anything too austentatious unless you can really afford to splurge and buy multiple pairs of boots. A good quality pair of leather Chelsea boots in an appropriate shade of brown (or even black) will see you through many Autumns to come. Extra points if you opt for something in delicious suede. Either way, they’ll pair perfectly with denim even chinos.

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