Autumn Style Updates for 2016

It’s my favourite day of the year!

As someone who hates summer as violently as I do, March first, the first day of Autumn, is probably my favourite day of the whole year as it signifies a solid ‘Goodbye to the awful weather of Summer. It also means that it is time to start seriously instigating some Autumn Style Updates for your wardrobe, to have you equipped for the cooler months ahead and looking your best at all times. Today I thought that I would share with you some of the Autumn Style Updates that I am planning on making to my own wardrobe, to give you a taste of what I am thinking will be necessary for this Autumn/Winter season, and an idea of what my aspirational style is currently looking towards.

Let me know the Autumn Style Updates that you will be making in the comments section down below.



I love wearing boots all ear-round, however they are actually a very practical Autumn Style Updates to consider, especially if you live somewhere with a very rainy Autumn. That said, Suede is probably the single worst material that you could consider for this time of year, as everyone knows suede and water are not friends. If you’re like me tough, you actually prefer your suede a little scuffed-up and worn in, so a little suede protector and you’re ready to go. I am currently lusting after these gorgeous tan suede boots from House of Hounds, and I love the interesting design and that 70s inspired heel! For a dressier alternative this navy pair from ASOS won’t break the bank, and will bring a touch of Peacockery to your wardrobe.


Trench Coat:

I used to own a beautiful beige Burberry Trench, but it was a size XXL and I looked like a flasher whenever I wore it, so I wound up selling it on. I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced navy trench coat for some time, and this gorgeous navy number from M.J. Bale might just fit the bill. I love the subtle pattern to the coat and the double-breasted cut is very appealing. At $499 it is definately on the more expensive side, but if the cut is right for my body I’ll call it an investment piece and be done with it!



As the weather cools down and we spend more and more time indoors or rugged up, every man should be considering a serious Autumn Style Update for the lounge wear. That daggy pair of Target trackies your mum bought you two years ago are not doing you any favours at all! With the rise of Sports Luxe and Athleisure, more and more designers are producing high quality track pants ans sweats in a range of tailored cuts and luxe fabrics, like this stunning pair from John Elliott. These are so schmick I think they’re suitable to wear in public – not even joking.



Fragrance Update:

A change in season should also mean a change in your signature scent, and in my humble opinion Autumn/Winter call for heavier, richer scents. This Tuscan Leather eau de parfum from Tom Ford has been on my unattainable wishlist for some time, however for this Autumn Style Update I have decided to take action and buy myself a sample size to trial before I invest in the real deal. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this fragrance, so I have very high hopes (and expectations) Mr. Ford.


Finally, don’t forget that a style update doesn’t mean a complete wardrobe overhaul. You can achieve a breath of fresh air with pieces you have owned and loved for several years with the addition of a few key accessories. I’ll be investing in this very subtle lapis lazuli stone beaded bracelet from Kith in order to bring a little bit of understated blig to my wardrobe, and to really refresh some of my favourite Autumn/Winter looks,