Autumn Inspirations – JORD Wood Watches

There is something about the season of Autumn that just makes me want to immerse myself in nature.

Now, obviously just from looking at me you can tell I’m not exactly the rugged woodsman you probably think of when you hear something like “Autumn makes me want to immerse myself in nature”, but I really do love this season, and all the treats for the senses that it brings with it. The cold bite of the wind on my cheeks, the smell of wood smoke in the air, and the visual spectacle of the leaves bursting into brilliant colours before dropping to the ground. And then of course we have all the different wardrobe tune-ups that we make for the cooler seasons.

This autumn I have been lucky enough to be given a beautiful wooden watch from the babes at JORD wood watches, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The design of the unique watch makes it a perfect addition to my wardrobe for autumn and winter, and gives me all the feelings of immersing myself in nature without actually having to go outside.

Because yes, I am that prissy that I avoid going outside as much as possible.

I have been very lucky to receive a beautiful piece from the new Conway Series, in walnut timber and jet black metal. Sourced from eastern Europe, the heartwood of walnut ranges from light pale brown to dark chocolate with deeply hued streaks. It has a beautiful natural grain that feels delightfully light against the skin, with a moderate natural lustre which is set off nicely by the polished jet black face. Being made of wood, it has the added bonus of being very light, and it doesn’t conduct cold like a metal watch does.

The Conway series from JORD boasts true Chronograph functionality, allowing you to tackle your day in style, down to the last second if necessary. I have to confess that I didn’t really know what Chronograph watches were, let alone that they were originally invented and used for tracking astronomical objects in the sky. Likewise, I wasn’t aware that many fashion chronograph watches on the market don’t actually work, but just have the chronograph look on the face. JORD’s Conway is a true operating chronograph watch however, and uses the Citizen Miyota 0S10/0S1A movement.

The combination of the earthy walnut and striking jet black make for a very cool watch, well suited for the well dressed, or for those who aspire to be.

You can check out the full range of JORD watches on their website or through their social media.

Better yet, how would you like get your hands on a wooden watch of your very own?

JORD have been kind enough to offer me a $100-off giveaway prize, which you can enter by clicking here.

One winner will receive a $100 off code for a JORD watch of their choosing, whether it is a men’s watch or a women’s watch.

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No matter how you look at it, you win!

The competition is open until 11:59 PM on Saturday 3 June – so click here to enter now!