Active Wear for the Inactive

Active Wear 20160420_a

Taking Blog photos in my Active Wear: Supernova storm jacket – Adidas | light grey wicking t-shirt – H’n’M Sport | Supernova graphic long tights – Adidas | Nike Free 5.0 – Nike |


Active Wear is a term that has gained notoriety lately due to its association with the rise of things like The Biggest Loser, Lorna Jane, the I Quit Sugar movement and that ridiculously catchy song about, well, Active Wear.

For those who may not be in the know, Active Wear refers to clothes that you are supposed to be active in, which aid your performance and/or comfort in some way, but which inadvertently wind up becoming a sort of unofficial uniform for weekends, evenings at home, doing your groceries… and any number of other activities which they are actually socially unacceptable for.

I’d say more and more we’re living in a world where the rise of our obsession with our selves spells certain disaster for fashion and good taste. Then again, I am a crotchety old man, and a complete hypocrite because what am I blogging about today? Active Wear!

My current employer provides all staff with an annual Health and Lifestyle reimbursement, and high on a mix of self-loathing, KFC and a determination for this to be “My year!”; I recently caved and used my $300 to purchase some new active wear in the hope that my new, stylish sports kit would actually inspire me to get off my butt and actually burn some of the MANY calories I absorb on a daily basis.

Whether they will or not remains to be seen, but I have to say, I see the dangerous appeal of Active Wear all too well. These Adidas tights are comfortable beyond reason, and thus far I have found it very difficult to take them off once I’ve poured my husky self into them. The Nike Free 5.0 are likewise very comfortable to the point it almost feels like I do not have shoes on my feet! I find myself more and more drawn to including sweat pants, racer-back tank tops and sneakers into my wardrobe, whispering to myself “It’s OK Grant, It’s Sportsluxe – everyone who’s cool is doing it…”

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