A close shave – trying the Mr Bond treatment at QT Canberra


Yours truly in the chair at the QT Barber Shop for the new Mr Bond treatment


When it comes to grooming and taking care of my hair/nails/skin, I am woefully inept for a man of 30-years. I shave with a disposable razor I change maybe once a month, and I treat shaving my face with the same contempt that I do voting or paying rates. These are painful, unenjoyable but ultimately necessary evils that I try to throw myself through as quickly as humanly possible.

Thankfully the team at QT Canberra have got me (and anyone else in the same boat) covered with their fantastic QT Barber Shop. I was recently invited to experience the launch of their premium cut-throat shave offering Mr Bond – just in time for Fashfest 2016. The new treatment coincided with the arrival in Canberra of QT’s Head Barber, Kristian Jones, and so I was able to meet the man running the show as well.


Mr Kristian Jones, the man behind the blade, applying the rose-scented shave cream.


I have to apologise to Kristian, because I think that I rather frightened him by recounting my terrible shaving habits. I think his exact words were “No wonder you’re having problems!” and to be fair, it really isn’t any wonder that half the time my face looks like I’ve been savaged by gnats. However, in the capable hands of the new resident barber, I felt like maybe my terrible luck was about to end.

Kristian comes to QT with a wealth of knowledge and experience in his trade and a life-time membership to the ‘by-invitation-only’ British Barber Association (BBA). Impressive doesn’t really seem to cut it. Kristian listened to my folicle woes and then stepped me through each part of the Mr Bond treatment, before showing me the best shave of my life.




I saved my appointment to the day before Fashfest 2016 so that my skin would be looking its absolute freshest and best for the red carpet. No one wants to be photographed when their skin is looking destroyed, and so I had a lot riding on this shave. Thankfully, Kristian’s treatment exceeded my wildest expectations, and left me feeling like a new man.

Mr Bond starts with a steaming hot scented towel to soften your facial hair before an anti-inflammatory shaving cream is applied with a luxurious badger hair brush. Next-up is the two-step traditional cut-throat shave (mine featured a rose-scented shave cream that smelled so glorious I wanted to eat it), before an eye masque is applied to help rehydrate the area while a hand or shoulder massage is performed. Mr Bond finishes with a cold towel to close the pores, a splash of aftershave and a final layer of moisturiser.


Skin is refreshed, clean and hydrated under the careful hands of the master-barber.


The overall experience was beyond relaxing, and for someone who is convinced that he’s about to drop dead 90% of the time, I never once felt unsafe with Kristian’s razor to my throat. There wasn’t a single nick to be had in fact, and the whole experience concluded with a complimentary tipple next door in Lucky’s Speakeasy. I have to extend my thanks to Kristian for a job well done, and to the fantastic team at QT for providing me with this opportunity.

I’m looking forward to see Kristian for another indulgent shave in the near future, and if you’ve never experienced a cut-throat shave I strongly encourage you to make the QT Barber Shop your first stop. There’s a range of treatments available and the service couldn’t be better.

For more information or to book, call or email The QT Barber Shop at QT Canberra on 02 6267 1267 or barber_canberra@qthotels.com.au


One of my favourite shots from Fashfest this year, showing off my Mr Bond shave (and of course my Rhubarb & Me gilded hair). My skin could not have looked better, and I felt fantastic about it as well.