Menswear: 8 Instagramers Who Inspire Me

Menswear is obviously a consuming passion of mine, and despite being initially violently opposed to the idea of Instagram, I have come to be obsessed with the app as a sort of visual diary, and have found countless accounts across the globe who continue to inspire me day after day. There’s a wealth of reasons why I keep coming back to these same profiles, and I thought that it was high-time that I share with you some of the Instagramers who I turn to daily for that much needed dose of menswear inspiration, or to challenge my own tastes, or to remind myself that there will always be someone better dress than you. These 8 accounts are the menswear gurus who are currently rocking my world with the sartorial expertise and personal styles as different as you could imagine. Check them out, give them a follow, tell me what you think – I promise that there is something here for every man’s taste.

menswear 20160222_a

t.v.f.u.h – Jared t.v.f.u.h (the view from up here) is a Brisbane based menswear Instagram that features point of view images of Jared’s daily outfits. The photography is crisp and clear, the angle is engaging and personal, and the outfits are ceaselessly well executed.


menswear 20160222_b

The Solid Sartorialist – Charles A man after my own heart, Charles is inspiring to me in his dedication to showing that bigger guys have no excuse when it comes to the style stakes. As a chunky guy myself it’s a great kick in the pants to see him killing it on a daily basis, reminding me that my weight is not an excuse to be poorly dressed.

menswear 20160222_c

streetstyleposer – Henry With a playful and considered approach to fashion and a penchant for bright colours and clashing patterns, my adoration of Henry’s account is a true testament to ‘Opposites Attract’. His style is fun, pure and simple, and it is so refreshing to see in a world that can often take itself too seriously.


menswear 20160222_d

joeyisnotcool – Joey I sometimes make the mistake of thinking that I have this whole Anesthetist shtick nailed down, and that I am owning my all-blue-everything outfits. And then I see someone like Joey and realise that I am still far from being refined. With a slick, cool edge to his looks and pristine photography I can only dream of; Joey is one of my favourite US discoveries.


menswear 20160222_e

shedoeshim – Alison Alison is an endless inspiration to me in so many ways. Her command of the menswear that she wears is nothing short of masterful, and her pushing of sartorial gender norms is elegantly handled and never gimmicky or contrived. I can’t put it any other way: I love her work.


menswear 20160222_f

boyintheblackbowtie – Warren I had the pleasure of meeting Warren at Fashfest 2015 and I was blown away by he panache and flair that he brings to his outfits. Warren is dedicated to a simple elegance that is so perfectly put together it can be shocking. The guy just looks great, always.


menswear 20160222_g

iamderekjohn – Derek I love the energy of Derek’s style and the effortless cool that he brings to his look. Derek’s outfit posts are sharp but also very, very attainable. He doesn’t show you a $1,000 suit that you can’t afford, he shows you how to take the bits and pieces of your wardrobe and make them look $1,000; and that is something to pay attention to!


menswear 20160222_h

tleffoc – Erick Last but by no means least is the gorgeous Erick. His style is eclectic but always polished and chic, he experiments with layers, textures and colours in combinations I would never think of, and he’s a remarkably humble soul for someone who spends their time taking photos of themselves (unlike yours truly). Erick’s style inspires me to push the boundaries I tie myself to, and I love every second of it.