5 Travel Tips I Learned In Japan

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No doubt by now you are all really sick of hearing about my Japan travels; but today marks 100 sleeps until I return to my beloved Japan, and so I wanted to write a post to commemorate the beginning of the countdown to this next trip. I thought long and hard about what the content should be, and then I thought that it might be fun to share 5 Travel Tips that travelling in Japan has taught me. I’m obviously by no means an expert, on travel OR Japan; but I have learned a lot travelling in Japan that I feel is really applicable to travel generally, if not life itself. What follows are 5 Travel Tips from me to you, to ensure that you have the best time possible on your next holiday, getaway, or even a mid-week working trip!

I’ll obviously be preparing for my next trip in the months to come, and I will obviously want to do some more posts and tutorials in the subjects of travel and Japan. If there are any questions that you might have about either, of if you would like more than 5 Travel Tips from Japan; let me know in the comments section down below. I have a few ideas already, but I would be really keen to hear your thoughts.

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ONE – Downsize your wallet before you leave. The first couple of times I took my whole wallet, cards and all with me. There’s no point in taking point cards, fuel cards or anything else you have in there that doesn’t relate exactly to Japan! Leave it at home and feel lighter!

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TWO – try, try again. Just because you have had something and enjoyed it, you shouldn’t limit your experiences to that one product. I tried a different beer every day while I was in Japan last time (like this can with a cat on it) and it was so enjoyable to just get my taste buds out of their comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself!

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THREE – Rethink your footwear. Twice. I took two pairs of shoes with me on my last trip, and while both were comfortable, both were also highly impractical in their own ways. One pair looked amazing but had terrible grip (leading to a humiliating slip in Shinjuku); and the other I loved but was terrified of ruining. And BOTH weren’t particularly water proof! Bottom line – comfort is not enough!

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FOUR – Never underestimate the usefulness of a clutch. If you’ve been reading this Blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of the clutch as an all-genders/all-occasions accessory. This never more true than with travel. They’re a fantastic departure from your practical luggage, they take up no room, and they encourage you to downsize what you’re carrying around! Talk about a life-hack! Mine is from Jerusha Couture 🙂

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FIVE – Upgrade your luggage game. I hear a lot of people talk about how hard-sided luggage is not actually as great as you think; but when it comes to Japan they are wrong. Hard-sided cases are key to a great trip to Japan, especially in you’re travelling around a lot. The four-wheels make transit a breeze, and every major city will have nicely paved footpaths for you. They’re also sturdy and reliable, and fit into overhead storage on Shinkansen in most cases.

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