30 Before 30: Start Taking Care of Your Skin

I’m turning 30 in under 30 weeks now, and I’ve compiled a 30 before 30 list: things that I am supposed to have done or to have stopped doing BEFORE I turn 30.

Each week until I actually turn 30, I will be sharing a new five-minute video where I discuss one of these 30 before 30 things that I am supposed to have either done or stopped doing; and whether I think that this actually applies to my life. These videos will be anecdotal and humorous takes, and not meant to be taken too seriously.

This is week two of the 30 before 30 countdown, and the topic is Number 2: Start taking care of your skin!

Skin and skincare have been on my mind a lot lately, especially has my 30th birthday looms nearer and nearer. Today I discuss why that is, the issues that I have with skin care generally, and ask for your recommendations for how I can improve my current skincare routine.

Thanks for watching 🙂