Plaid, the 90s, and Acne Studios

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Wearing: | gold-tone aviator sunlasses – ebay | navy slim tuxedo blazer – ASOS | blue plaid button-down shirt – Acne Studios | blue wool necktie – MJ Bale | dark blue plaid pocket square – Loft, Shibuya | | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | white skinny jeans – ASOS | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


Plaid is not something I ever really saw myself coveting. As far as materials go, it is more commonly known in Australia as Tartan of Flannel, and tended to be synonymous with bogans is footy shorts with too many kids crowded around their feet, until it was co-opted in the 90s by the grunge movement. Plaid recently made a resurgence in popularity in fashion, thanks to a bizarre sort of 90s revival that the kids have all been raving about. Here’s the thing though: I am 30 – I lived through the 90’s the first time around, and while I can hand on my heart declare that the music of the 90s was the single greatest era, ever; it didn’t really have that much else going for it. And Plaid shirts I thought to be just another trapping of the insistent  90s nostalgia that fashion has been experiencing.

And then I saw this gorgeous plaid shirt on ebay, and my whole worldview changed.

The shirt is my very first purchase from Acne Studios, and I have to say that my petulant ‘hating’ of the brand was incredibly immature and misplaced. For a start, Acne certainly didn’t notice that I wasn’t buying their stuff. And secondly, not liking something just because everyone else DOES like it is ridiculous. So I gave into my dislike of Plaid as a trend and Acne Studios and I purchased this beautiful Isherwood button-down cotton shirt from an ebay seller in the Ukraine, and it may be one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made. It turns out to be a perfectly transitional fabric that can be dressed up or down with great ease, is insanely beautiful to wear, and fits perfectly into my existing wardrobe.

And if I start singing a lot of Courtney love songs while wrapped in its plaid embrace? Who the hell’s to know?

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