Juxtaposing for Menswear

Juxtaposing 20160202_a

Wearing: Sunglasses – ebay | Union Cloth blazer – Braddon Tailors | cotton pocket square – H-Tokyo | white cotton t-shirt – Cotton On | navy chino shorts – ASOS | navy Roshe Runs – Nike


Something that I have been seeing a lot of lately, especially from some of my favourite menswear Bloggers, is a lot of juxtaposing. For anyone unaware, a Juxtaposition is when you place otherwise disparate things together to contrast in a way that is somehow jarring and harmonious. I’ve been admiring a lot of guys contrasting garment textures lately, or even finding new ways to juxtapose high and low end pieces. I was really inspired by all the new ways that I am seeing my sartorial brothers and sisters getting creative with their wardrobes, and so I wanted to have a bit of fun juxtaposing pieces from my own wardrobe for a different look and feel.

I decided to try smashing together different textures, different styles of dress, and fast fashion pieces with the bespoke.

I started with a pretty basic building block, namely a great white t-shirt. This is a really flattering garment that can be endlessly dressed up or down, depending on the circumstances, which lead me to the idea of dressing both up and down. For the up I went with my favourite blazer, a tailored piece in London Cloth Company Union Cloth from the amazing Braddon Tailors. For the down in brought in elements of fast fashion with my ebay sunglasses, ASOS shorts and Nike Roshe runs. This outfit is, more than anything else, an experiment in juxtaposition. The reality is that I did not wear this to work today, and chances are I never would. It is not appropriate for the office, and it’s not even really a great combination of pieces from a comfort standpoint. It is, however, something that I think balances the different elements I was playing with, and does so in an ultimately wearable way.

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