Nagasaki and Kyoto – Japan Week Day Four

Nagasaki 20160121_a

Stunning view of Nagasaki from our room in the Richmond Hotel – I thoroughly recommend the Richmond and Nagasaki.


Nagasaki and Kyoto are our third and fourth stops for #JapanWeek, and they were as different as two places could possibly be.


I didn’t really know much about Nagasaki before we decided to go there besides what I had read on Trip Advisor, and this might exxplain why I loved it so much and why we had such an amazing time. We stayed at the Goregous Richmond Hotel which was insanely cheap, and we were thrilled with the location as well. While in Nagasaki we visited the impact site of the Nuclear bomb, the Peace Park and the Museum. However, we also visited completely off beat attractions, and just enjoyed the salty rip-tide undercurrent of the city itself. I fell in love with Nagasaki, and I cannot wait to visit again.

Kyoto, on the other hand, I knew lots about. I had a full itinerary planned out when we arrived at our goregous AirBNB property, driven by our friendly and helpful host Koji. However, for the next three days it rained CONSTANTLY! I won’t lie, my spirits were pretty damp as well. Local attractions that I was dying to visit like the Fushimi Inari Shrine and the Nishki Markets became choked with pushy, wet tourists; and I was over having damp feet in about three-seconds. Three days of wet feet? Not something I relished. It was lucky then that we chanced upon a gem of a craft beer pub, Bungalow, in the centre of Kyoto. We enjoyed delicious beers, fries and a cheese plate while we watched the soggy foot traffic and dancing lights of the wet afternoon.

I will return to Kyoto in May, and I am hopeful for a dryer visit this time around. I have no doubt that I will come to love the amazing city of Kyoto as much as I do Nagasaki  when I return in May, and I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

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Nagasaki 20160121_b

Nagasaki Peace Park – a calm and tranquil reminder of what transpired in this city years ago.

Nagasaki 20160121_c

I loved exploring the alleyways and back streets of the Red Light District. So many little hole in the wall bars and eateries – but not the safest of places either.

Nagasaki 20160121_d

The water is everywhere here – it courses through the city towards the sea, and it’s just so damned beautiful.

Kyoto 20160121_e

Hooked on vending machines and this delicious apple juice in a can especially!

Kyoto 20160121_f

The Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto was so, so beautiful. However it bucketed down the entire time we were there and I barely got any good photos, let alone Daily Outfit shots. This guy didn’t mind the rain though.

Kyoto 20160121_g

Bungalow in Kyoto was one of my favourite pubs that we visited on this trip. The beer selection was stellar and the cheese plate we shared while watching the drizzly Kyoto foot traffic.