Fresh Style Decisions to Make in 2016

Fresh 20160111_a

Outfit Details: aviator sunglasses – ebay | navy blazer – ASOS, thrifted | white t-shirt with flocking – Oxford |  ‘Riley’ tapered jeans – G-Star Raw | navy Roshe Runs – Nike

Fresh starts are the theme of my life the moment, given that we’re still at the start of a brand new year and I’m going through a rather tumultuous time, and so I thought that it would be appropriate to share the style decisions that I am making in 2016 that will shape the way I dress and shop for the year ahead. My hope is that my decision to take a fresh look at my personal style will inspire you to do the same. New beginnings and self empowerment for everyone!!! Seriously though, it is the start of a new year, and what better time to reassess the way that you have been doing something than reflecting on the sins of the past to forge a fresh outlook for the year ahead?

Decision 1: Buy Less
Not a particularly original decision to make, but a sound one. Last year I found myself falling for the allure of buying more pieces to pad-out my wardrobe because I felt like I had ‘nothing to wear’. The reason I had nothing to wear is because I got fat, end of story. So instead of working around the problem this year, I’ll be making the decision to focus on the solution.

Fresh 20160111_b

Decision 2: Shop Smarter
Again, not a particularly fresh idea, but how it is applied will be. For me, 2015 saw a sharp spike in the amount of shopping that I did on-line as opposed to in-person. And while I did wind up making some significant savings on a few choice pieces; I also bought four pairs of fairly expensive shoes that just don’t fit me correctly! It is also much easier to shop online, and therefore spend more money. I’m not saying don’t shop online at all, I’m just saying be smarter about it. Limit your time on online stores, and most importantly, have a clear idea of what you want. Which leads us to…

Fresh 20160111_c

Decision 3: Build a Wardrobe Plan
Planning out the pieces of a wardrobe that you feel like you need might sound like the sad exploits of an overly anal-retentive human being, but it is key to finding the balance between remaining well dressed and not blowing the balance of your savings account. I have decided to write out a ‘Wardrobe Acquisition Plan’ for the next year, which sets out items I need to buy fairly regularly (new underwear, t-shirts and socks), and pieces that I want to save up and spend a little more on (a new suit, a trench coat, that Louis Vuitton luggage I am lusting after…). What this means is that I won’t be shopping blindly, and that I’m more prepared to save my money for a key piece.

Fresh 20160111_d

Decision 4: Invest in Yourself
Nothing makes me feel better than fresh threads. Sad as that might be, it is an undeniable truth that when I slip something new over my shoulders, I instantly feel better about myself and my life. This year, however, I’ve decided to combat this by focusing redirecting that positive feeling into the accomplishment of saving for a goal. or in this case, a new tailored suit, and a new Louis Vuitton bag. There should be no better feeling than investing in yourself; so I’m going to make that my focus instead of just having something new.

Fresh 20160111_e

Decision 5: Review Regularly
I often read articles that claim that if you haven’t worn something in a year, that you should get rid of it. While I agree with the sentiment of this notion I have to ask, why wait a year? Why not every six months? Why not three? If something doesn’t feel right when you pull it on, or is too small for you, or is an unflattering colour… It’s going to be just as WRONG for you in three months as it is in twelve. So I’ve decided to review my clothes every three months!

So what about you? What decisions are you making to keep your style fresh in 2016? Let me know in the comments section down below, I’d love to hear from you!