Family Friendly Travel Outfit

Family 20151224_a

Today was my last day of work for 2015, before heading off on several days of holiday travel. We’re doing the whole family shebang this year – my family, the boyfriend’s family, back to Canberra and then off to Sydney for New Years Eve with my best friend!

The thing about travel, is that it is bloody awful.

I love visiting my friends and family, but the simple fact of the matter is that travel itself is just awful. Crammed in a small car or on a bus or in a plane, away from your home and your own ‘territory’ (not to mention your full wardrobe!) – there just doesn’t seem a lot of good reasons for us to subject ourselves to this madness.

I learned from a young age that the best way that I could combat the discomfort of getting to and from the family Christmases is to find a rock-solid uniform to travel in. And after almost thirty years on this planet, I really think that I have found the perfect combination outfit. It combines comfort, versatility and ease in a way that doesn’t have you arriving to your family home looking like you had to fight your way there!

For today’s traveling outfit I wore:
gold-tone aviator sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses – ebay
navy single-breasted blazer – ASOS, thrifted
white cotton v-neck t-shirt – Cotton On
slate blue cotton jogger sweatpants – Bershka, Shibuya
navy and white Roshe Runs – Nike, via ASOS

monogram canvas Pochette Metis bag – Louis Vuitton, pre-loved from Jerusha Couture

Family 20151224_b