Orange You Glad You Wore Orange?


Orange is hands-down one of my favourite colours in the world. I’ve spoken before about my fear of the colour, and how I have only recently come to terms with the idea of experimenting with wearing orange. It has surprised me to realise however, that while I am much more likely to be caught wearing the colour these days, it still only pops up very occasionally in my wardrobe. These chinos were the first piece of orange clothing that I purchased after I lifted my self-imposed ban on the colour, and they have served me well for almost three years now. The lovely burnt orange hue of the chinos has maintained its saturation fairly well, but most likely only on account of how fleetingly I actually wear them. I think that I really ought to wear these more often and make the most of finding the perfect pair of chinos that I had been wanting for ages, but at the same time I am very conscious of them becoming that pair of chinos that I always wear.

They are a great pop of colour in my otherwise almost entirely blue/navy wardrobe, and whenever I wear them I always find that people comment on how much they like the colour. I think that I need to branch out and invest in a few more pieces however, as the only other items that I have are generally accessories.

Today I decided to give the chinos another outing, and I am wearing them with:
navy single-button blazer – ASOS, thrifted
grey polyester scarf with geometric design (worn as pocket square) – stolen off my sister
navy cotton polo shirt – Trenery
navy and orange striped canvas belt with leather fastenings – Trenery
burnt orange chinos – FCUK
whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery