What To Wear… Back to Work: Daily Outfit


It is always hard deciding what to wear when you’re returning to your workplace after any sort of holiday. Today was my first day back at my day-job after three weeks of travelling around Japan, and aside from the fact that I am still adjusting to the change in temperature, I just had no idea what to wear to work today. I knew that I wanted to look my best because no one wants to return from holidays looking worse than when they left, but what to wear to convey that you had a marvelous time and yes, your colleagues should be jealous of your adventures?

Well, start with something new, and preferably something that you picked up on your holiday. New clothes almost always freshen up your look, and chances are your colleagues haven’t seen the piece before, meaning that it brings with it a sense that you’ve changed while you were away. It is what to wear when you want to convey an air of freshness or rejuvenation, and it has worked for me every time I’ve done it.

Another idea is to get a haircut the day before you return to work – nothing will have you looking and feeling as fresh as a new haircut, and it will help you to feel at ease when you’re having trouble deciding what to wear.

For me, what to wear back to work today was a brand new sweater that I piked up from Uniqlo, a fresh haircut that I got at Rhubarb & Me yesterday, and the pieces of clothing that I missed the most while I was away from my full wardrobe, namely my dark denim jeans and suede boots. I am wearing:
royal blue pure Merino wool sweater – Uniqlo, Narita Airport
blue and white multi-check button-down shirt – Trenery
brown leather belt – Sportscraft
dark indigo wash ‘Riley’ jeans – G-Star Raw
tobacco brown seude Chelsea Boots – The Ball & Chain, Catch of the Day